Friday, April 23, 2010

weight watchers

At Porters 9 month appointment, we learned that with all of the yuckies he had contracted he had actually lost weight. We were encouraged to feed him more solid food to help him catch up a little. With my genes the kid already has the odds stacked against him, so of course I feel that anything I can do to help prevent him from being a circus midget is a good idea. The fact that he is also my second child probably helps a little too. The only time I really ever let Aimee make much of a food mess by allowing her to feed herself was the traditional 1st birthday cake dig. As you can see, he did a great job with his mashed potatoes. He went back to the doctor for a height and weight check just last week and the mess is working for him!
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This week i have been trying to catch up on a little housekeeping that was overdue (the call of the outdoors can be pretty intense). Of coarse Aimee was a great helper, while Porter crawled from room to room crying while I vacuumed. While we were on the main floor, I was just a little too focused and did not see Aimee open a bag of Cheerios and a fruit and grain bar. It ended up all over my couch. Fortunately, the microfiber is easy to clean. I know from experience. Fantastic attachments to my wonderful vacuum and a little stain remover to get the strawberry filling off the light tan cushion and I was back in business. The honest truth of the pictures is that the vacuum hose sent me into a scene from my own childhood and I couldn't resist teaching Aimee the wonders of suction!
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Monday, April 19, 2010

family home evening

One of Aimee's favorite songs is "I Love To See The Temple." She has been singing it a lot lately, so we decided to make that family home evening tonight. We let the kiddos touch the wall and doors. We sang the song and smelled the flowers. Aimee was especially fond of the Angel Moroni. When we left we felt it was a success. No flowers we picked or broken, and she pointed and said, "Jesus Christ house." We decided that would have to be a more regular FHE while the weather is good. I think it is a little crazy how Chad and I both grew up in "the bubble" of Idaho, and yet living here in Omaha, we are closer to a temple than we have ever been. We feel so blessed!
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the time has come

Porter. My sweet little man. So darn cute, but also so darn attached! When he was really little I denied it every time Chad said he didn't like him. Well, the sad truth is that he was right. He now loves his Daddy, he just clings to his Mommy. It has been extra bad lately. Porter is currently taking antibiotics for his third ear infection since February. Along the way he has had thrush, and had four teeth break through. I admit he has had a reason to be a little cranky, and even a little clingy. However, the time has come to at least ease him into allowing me to be more than three feet away at all times. Today he only had two fits, and in the end, had a great time playing with Aimee. Lucky for him he doesn't understand that Aimee tattled on him for playing in the blinds and insisted that he had to go to time out. I am hoping that eventually his wounded soldier crawl will further liberate him, and not serve solely as a means of getting within a certain proximity of Mommy.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yesterday I was doing Aimee's hair for the day. She was sitting on the bathroom counter, as usual, while I brushed through her curls. Once I make it though all of the tangles and got the lint out (I know this sounds odd, but somehow the curls catch all of the floating fuzzies in the air) then I wet it down and proceeded to style. If I skipped the last step, Aimee would regularly have a serious fro. Today I decided to skip the wetting part instead. It was so funny! Everyone kept asking me if I had teased her hair into the two poofs that adorned the back of her head, but i really didn't. If the 80's do's ever come back, Rox, Tubbs and Aimee are gonna be the coolest kids around!
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doctor daddy

It has been a pretty rough 2010 so far for our family when it comes to the yuckies. It seems like it has literally been one thing after the next, or at least one person after the next being sick since February. Most recently I have been the victim. I have had a sinus issue going on for weeks, but it peeked Friday night. Since it was a weekend I used that as an excuse to not doing anything about it. I had some great friends who introduced me to a sinus rinse that really helped with the congestion, but I still felt like I had been punched in the face. My teeth hurt, my eye hurt and my cheekbone just felt super bruised. While I was wining Chad decided to put his mad doctoring skills into use. He gave me the once over. When he was done, Miss Aimee suddenly thought she also needed a check up. Honestly she loves her pediatrician, but has never been thrilled about all of the looking. It was pretty darn cute! I think next time she is scheduled for an appointment I am going to have Chad give us both mini prep check ups. Anything that makes my life easier!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

let's play house

Today the kiddos finally got to wear their Easter outfits. I got them over a year ago, but sometimes it is just so hard to wait to put those cute things on them. I bought them shortly after I found out I was having a boy. It was so much fun to pick out coordinating outfits. I guess a girl just never quite grows out of dressing up her babies and playing house. Aimee is already a pro. It is so gratifying to see her kiss her babies better, or put it in the high chair with a bib on, or even take her baby potty and cheer for her after she "goes." Chad and I Aimee put her baby in time-out the other day. She put her on the stairs and sweetly told her that something was a "no, no." I wish I could say that I always do it that way. Try as I may I don't always mange to tell her sweetly why she is in trouble. I guess I am just thankful that she picked up on one of my good examples. It is a great reminder just how closely my babies are watching me, and what a huge responsibility it is to be a real life mommy.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I surrender

After years of friends trying to talk me into it, I have finally caved. The truth is, my parents and little sister just came to visit last week, and this is the first time we have had a fun visit since we moved to the Midwest. We almost have two years under our belt, but we have at least five more, if not seven or eight until we will have "a real job." Also, after a lovely General Conference, I was evaluating how I was doing in all the areas of my life. As far as the journal thing goes, I am not doing so hot. Fortunately, this is not my fault. I no longer have any brothers on missions. Cubby got home almost ten months ago, and so I have not written a weekly letter that chronicled the Williams family. I have decided to rise above these circumstances and try to do that here, and while I am at it, maybe I will keep family and friends better informed. Good luck to me!