Thursday, September 12, 2013

old and new tidbits

I have been doing some reminiscing lately, and found a few photos that don't really warrant their own post, but just the same are worth looking at.
In our attempt to keep the kiddos quiet while we watched General Conference this spring, I busted out the stickers.  I provided paper and a box for the kids to go crazy with, but apparently Chad and I make much better canvases.

 We often make a treat on Sundays.  The kiddos wanted to make Rolo cookies, but Chad wasn't in the mood for chocolate.  Instead he tried to make blond Rolo cookies.  I didn't eat any.
 I don't keep many of Aimee's works of art, or "project" papers, but she did this so well, I couldn't resist!
Aimee often tells me I need to take a picture.  She was right about this one. 
This is Pratt "helping" me make dinner.  The reason he has no pants is that he ruined yet another pair of shorts playing out in the dirt/mud.  It is a good thing summer is almost over because he is almost out of shorts he is allowed to wear in public. 
Chad was attempting (successfully) to turn the dirt/mud patch into a rock pad.  Of course he let the kids help, and of course they had an amazing time doing it.  The tubby time water has never been dirtier though.  Luckily, I had the foresight to make them all put on grubbies before getting down to business.
Poor Hobbs was recently de-manned.  Chad spent a lot of time cuddling him.  He had a lot of sympathy for him.  I just really enjoyed that his cone of shame made it impossible for him to get through the back yard fence for a week!  In that time Chad was able to sure up the fence, and I now love Hobbs a lot more that I don't have to chase him.
My old swing was to awkward to move to Dayton.  I sold it before we left with the intention of finding a yard sale one when we needed one next.  I scored and got one from my neighbor, and May loves it, and as a fourth child it is a huge blessing to me!
Sometimes I wish Pratt didn't know how to open this thing.  I would let him play in it all the time!
This picture just shows so well what a little chub my May is!  In fact, my little Jabba the Hut had her 2 month well check today.  She was in the 97% for weight, 75% for head circumference, and 70% for her height.  I love it!
Chad used to spend hours in his beloved garden when we lived in Omaha.  He doesn't have that luxury here.  Instead, he has taken up wood working.  He just built himself a work bench.  Here it is doubling as a changing table.  I love how functional it is!
May is starting to smile, and I was lucky enough to catch one of her pretty little smiles!
I have been pretty lazy with the camera lately.  With life in a new routine, hopefully I will get a little better!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

kindergarten girl

I don't mind gushing about my sweet Aimee on my blog, and the truth is, Chad and I are both smitten with this curly little blond!  As a mother I couldn't be more proud of her!  In fact, I was, among the mound of paperwork that I had to fill out for her to start kindergarten, asked what I was most proud of about her.  I admit my first thought was to tell things like, "Aimee is a great reader," or "Aimee has great math skills," or "Aimee likes to sound out and write her own stories."  But I realized that would be short changing her.  Instead I wrote that I was proud of the way she understands good and bad choices, and what kind of consequences follow them.  I could also have written that she tries very hared to be obedient, that she loves to make others feel happy, or that she is a great example of kindness and service.  She is pretty amazing, and it has been a huge struggle for me to let her go to school (for so many reasons).  As a career stay-at-home mother, I think she makes me look pretty good, even though I am sure it is more nature than nurture. 
 When the big first day arrived we did the customary first-day pictures.  Of course I couldn't exclude her fan club.  May was sleeping, but her brothers were eager to be part of her big day.
 Medlar View is just a half a mile up the road from our house.  Each time we have passed it in the car over the last couple of months, she reminds everyone that it is her school.
 I think more for the benefit of the parents than the kids, the first day was very much easing into things.  When we (me and all four kiddos) arrived, we finally got to find out who her teacher was.  Mrs. DeDario!  We then met the principle, and took a few pictures while the kindergartners were led to their new class room to get acquainted with their new classmates.  This saying goodbye in the cafeteria where we met, was strange to me.  My mom always walked me to my class the first day, helped me find my desk, and then said goodbye.  I found this mass exit odd.  I guess it not being so personal made it less emotional, but I felt like I was forced into missing our "moment."  I think when the time actually came, and Aimee realized it was time to go, her excitement dwindled and she got a little nervous.  This picture pretty accurately shows what I think she felt.
 Look at how little my Aim is compared to all of the other kiddos.
 After a short Q&A session with the principal, the kids came back.  We then got to tour a bus, and go home.  Then it was business as usual at home.  I was glad to have it over, and I think Aimee's brothers were too!
 The following day was the part she had really looked forward to!  Riding the bus to school!  I for one, spent a lot of time on the bus as a kid and wasn't excited to put her on it.  Luckily, my little five year old was assigned the front seat at the front end with all of the other kindergartners.  Our bus stop is at the end of our block.  Porter and Pratt loved walking down and standing around with all of the other kids to wait, all 13 of them!
 When the bus appeared around the corner, it all kind of hit.  My baby was off for her first real day, and I had to really say goodbye.  Maybe it sounds a little dramatic, but that was truly the hardest moment for me.  I hated knowing that the only thing I would know about her day from that point until she got off the bus would be whatever details she happened to remember to tell me. She, on the other hand, was super excited!

At the end of the day when I begged for a report, her highlight was still riding the bus.  She wasn't as gung-ho about anything at school as I thought she would be, but at least there was nothing sad to report.  She is now a week in.  She loves playing on the play ground, wearing a back-pack, and riding the bus.  Oh, and she has a boy in her class that she thinks is cute.  Chad hates hearing about that part! Everything else is just kind of unexciting to her.  As for the rest of us at home, the most exciting part of our day is when she gets off the bus, hugs us all, and asks if we missed her.  I spend just a little more time on my knees each day, praying for her, and wondering what more I can do to prepare her for all that is out there to learn, and not just in terms of the curriculum. I love my sweet Aim, and hope that she remembers how amazing and special she is, even though I am not there to tell her!