Sunday, May 22, 2016

may is 2!

Mays birthday was pretty much just awesome! Not only did she turn two, but she got to celebrate twice!  Round one was shared with Kamry.  When you are only four days apart from your cousin/best friend, how can you not!   

These two little two year old girls were so happy to get a turn to blow out candles!  They were also pretty happy that since they were the birthday girls they didn't get in trouble when they sniched the frosting!
It is not every day that we have Grandma Alice at our house to help us celebrate a birthday!  So for round two, we thought we would do something just for May.  She helped make her cake pop cake, opened presents, and got to blow out candles again!

This little girl brings a spark of magic to our home that we just couldn't do without!  We love our May Sue!

2nd annual lemonade stand

After the success of the previous years lemonade stand, we couldn't pass up the chance to do it again.  This year we had a little bit better idea of what to expect, and we cousins to jump into the action with!We decided to try out an Ohio 4th of July parade for the first time, that morning.  Sadly, it just didn't hold a candle to the way parades are done in Idaho, and it sorely reduced our prep time for our stand.  
 Of course, that didn't bother the kids.  Once they started having a few people come, they were loving life.  Our biggest problem was that they would get so excited when they saw someone driving up that they would swarm them like killer bees.

 The kids were super excited to offer free cookies and lemonade to veterans and service men and women.  They were pretty bummed that the one veteran that did stop insisted on paying.  It is hard when you know that the number one reason people stop is to help a bunch of little kids out, but the little kids really wanted to do the same for him.  I can think of worse problems than people being so kind though!

 It was hot, and the kids stamina was pretty short.  We called it quits after about 2 hours, although the kids would have been happy if we had called it an hour sooner.  It was one of those things where trying to teach your kids hard work, is the hard work!
Everyone had a good time, learned a lot, and had plenty of cookies.  We felt pretty good about how everything turned out!  3rd annual stand, here we come!

king's island 2015

We look forward to King's island every year.  This year however, it was extra special.  We got to enjoy it with family!  Mike, Saundra, Carter and Kamry came along for the rides!  
Of course with another year, there was progress on the "you are this high" stick.  This meant that Aimee was finally tall enough to go a few not-quite-as-little rides.  I love rides, so it was a bummer in that since I was pregnant I couldn't take her on any of them.  Lucky for her, even with extra littles, there were enough adults that we could divide and conquer.  Saundra also loves rides, and Aimee was thrilled to have her aunt as a riding buddy!
My riding buddies for the day were May and Kamry.  I took them multiple times on carousel since it was one of only two rides that I was allowed to go on in my "delicate condition."  It worked out well for the little girls, and it freed the dads up to take the boys on as many rides as they could get on.
By the end of the day they kids had made it on every ride that their height would allow.  Mike and Saundra even managed to get in a few adult rides.  Everyone "earned" a stuffed animal playing a game (much to my dismay).  And of course we enjoyed some fun treats!
There was sunburns, sweat, and a whole lot of smiles!  A very successful year for the entire Williams family!