Thursday, November 10, 2011

the despicable williams

We love Halloween! And, like I said last year, Village Green is the greatest place in the world for a kid to have it! It isn't all about blood and gore, it's about characters and LOTS of candy! Last year I spent hours sewing all of our costumes. This year I got considerably lazier and resorted to dye (that was nearly a disaster all by it's self) and hot glue. While it may not have been as visually appealing it was so much fun. We started off by watching Despicable Me so that I could get my kiddos excited about what I had already decided they would be for Halloween. I hope that lasts another year! They loved it! Then we enjoyed all of our normal Halloween traditions one at a time. It was just a great season really. We loved what is very possibly our last Halloween here in the Corn husker state!

We made minion cupcakes. Truthfully, it was more aesthetic than tasty. The bodies, after all, were Twinkies. Plus, Aimee and Porter had a lot of fun putting sprinkles on them.

Our annual trip to Vala's Pumpkin Patch was awesome. Chad's externship ended just in time for us to hit one of the last warm week days for a not too crowded visit. We have now been there enough to know what to spend our time on to make the most of our day without missing anything and without wearing the kids out on the stuff that isn't awesome. One of my personal favorites is the jumping pillows.

Aimee has gotten all girlie on me, and wanted her picture taken in the pumpkin princess.

Between the hail storm we had here, and the lateness of the season, it was tough finding the pumpkins we wanted. I admit, we settled.

This is the family peddle cart. Chad also made sure to take Aimee and Porter on the single rider ones so they could go fast. Porter wasn't a big fan of going fast...all in good time.

The out-house pictures are some of my favorites.

Aimee and the four boys next to her are the fanatical five. This is our car pool group that we love. These kids are crazy on a normal morning heading to school, but this morning in their costumes they were uncontainable! They are at the old folks home in this pic. They came and sang a few songs for them. It was so cute!

This is Aimee's first school party. I loved the paper towel plates!

Aimee won the pin-the-nose-on-the-jack-o-lantern! Sadly, she first ran into the wall when released with the blind fold! I was laughing so hard I think some of the other parents thought I was mean. If only they knew how often that happens without a blind fold...

This was the final product! Pratt had glasses, but after the ward trunk-or-treat they were misplaced. I have the cutest villain and baby minions!

Our pumpkins this year! Aimee just couldn't stop painting, and hers ended up mostly yellow. Porter had more paint on himself than his pumpkin. Prat was a great watcher. I chose a simple one so that I could keep everyone in paint, and Chad kept with the Despicable Me theme.

Mummy minion.

Frankenstein minion. I am married to such an artist!