Sunday, April 24, 2016


We put another triathlon in the books!  The previous year was exciting because it was my first ever tri.  This year was exciting because I was doing it 22 week pregnant.  It was good motivation during the first half of the pregnancy to have something to work toward, and to keep me motivated to stay fit when going to the gym was not at all appealing.  One of the biggest hurdles in doing this was just finding something I could wear.  It sounds silly, but it was true.  The swim suit I had got for this purpose I had already grown out of.  Luckily, my friend lent me her triathlon suit.  It was awesome, and even held my tummy in a bit for the run.  As for footwear, I normally dislike wearing athletic shoes, and pregnancy makes it even worse.  I ended us attaching some elastic to the back of my favorite flip flops and doing the bike and the run in them.  It was perfect!  I had a personal best time!  Chad was disappointed with his time, even though he did well and was awesome!
The kids think we are kinda cool for doing our "race" and they wanted to do one too.  I had found a few in the area, but they were so expensive! Saturday morning we held our own kid triathlon!  We went to the HOA pool before it opened for the kids to do their swim without bugging others. They did their bike and run around the neighborhood and even had an after race snack when they finished.  They had a blast!  It will definitely have to be a tradition!
These non-racers were not big fans of spectating.  But they were cute doing it!
We feel good that we are having so much fun trying to have an active, healthy lifestyle as a family!