Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the new normal

It has been just over two weeks now with our little Pratt, and it has been awesome! One of the big advantages I had coming into this delivery was that I knew the day and the hour, and I was able to prepare and plan, two of my favorite things. I had a to do list that for the most part got done, which gave me a lot of piece of mind. It made my stay in the hospital less stressful, knowing most of the loose ends were tied up. Actually I had a fantastic stay at the hospital. There were the things that I expected that were great, like being in a brand new hospital, the awesome 24 hour room service, and having my doctor being the one to do rounds on me. Chad and I were also able to Skype several times while I was there. It was nice to be able to "be with" my family even when we were apart. Plus it was nice to not have the kiddos bouncing off the hospital walls. I also had a few very pleasant surprises like a fresh warm cookie each afternoon and some really amazing nurses, one in particular, that made my stay very memorable! I also hoped for the best and prepared for the worst with the kiddos once we got Pratt and me home. I admit it was a little rough at first. My mom had some frustrating travel difficulties that left me that first day home alone, and was almost by default rough. Lucky for me I have some super amazing friends that got me through it! Once my mom got here things got better and worse. On the one hand, she was wonderful to keep life moving. She did my laundry the entire week! That alone was a huge gift since that is my least favorite chore. She also kept us all fed and my little people busy so that I could focus on feeding Pratt. Between having Grandma around and me not exactly at the top of my game, Aimee and Porter spent a few days testing the limits of what they could get away with, and how much attention they could get. After a day or two they learned that Grandma wasn't going to let them get away with being naughty, and things got better. Pratt also had a touch of Jaundice which meant three days in a row going to the Dr. to get it checked. Not fun. On the plus side this c-section has been the easiest to bounce back from, so even with all of the going out, I was able to keep my pain in check. We did get to enjoy a few laid back days with Grandma before her plane took off and the Aimee's tears started. She has been praying for Grandma everyday since she left. That week of having my mom here helped me get rested up for life to resume it's new normal. Since then I have braved the grocery store and the doctors office. We also have survived Porter having the flu. Our neighbor whose wife recently had their first baby said to us several weeks later that he didn't know how women do it, especially after having to give birth and then take care of a new person. My answer was adrenalin. Somehow I forgot the real answer. It is divine help. That and the best husband in the world! It is amazing how having a new one of Heavenly Fathers little spirits join your family reminds you of how very blest you are. That has been the best part of the last couple of weeks. Each time I get up in the night to nurse, or even have Aimee and Porter do something they aren't supposed to, I feel an added help reminding me that these little people are children of God, and that I am privileged that He has trusted me to raise them. It makes it much easier to not be so upset, and handle the situation with love and kindness. Maybe that is why he is still sending them, I need those reminders again. I am just so grateful for my growing little family, and to know that if I can just keep that in mind as I try to teach my kiddos who they are and why they are here that we can be together forever!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

pratt kevin williams

The guy in the temple told me it was a "military holiday." March "forth." For us it was just awesome! With my kiddos still sleeping in their beds, Chad and I headed to the hospital. After a whole lot of paperwork, pre-op, and waiting, we finally got our new little guy here! Officially, Pratt Kevin Williams weighed in at 7 pounds even, was 18 and 1/4 inches, and has a head full of dark crazy hair! Chad and I agree that it takes a bit before you can usually tell who or even what a baby looks like. This little guy has already changed looks about five time today, so I guess he is no exception! The best part of the whole experience for me was that I wasn't alienated from it all. With both Aimee and Porter I basically got to see them long enough to take a picture, and then spent about 3 hours waiting to be cleared in the recovery room before I got to even hold my baby. Today I didn't miss a thing! All of the measuring and cleaning was done right next to me while I got put back together. Then later I took pictures, was around while Chad made a few phone calls, and got man-handled by a well intended nurse that must have not realized that I have nursed before. I watched Pratt have his first bath, and get his footprints taken. It was amazing. The adrenaline did finally slow down enough to remind me that I had also just had abdominal surgery, and I had a few not so pleasant firsts, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world! This hospital just opened last June, and is the only one in the city that allows a c-section mom to recover with her baby. Such a great choice!
The other huge highlight of the day was having our whole family of five together for the first time. Chad eventually pulled himself away to go home and get the kiddos. He even put Aimee's hair in fresh piggy puffs for the occasion. He arrived back at the hospital about two hours after he left with a flower and candy bar bouquet, one very excited little girl, and one very uninterested little man. I don't think it was the reunion that Chad or I had pictured in our heads, but it was at least memorable. Just moments after the crew got here we were greeted with fresh warm cookies for the whole family. This at least made getting in the door possible for Porter. Aimee on the other hand just wanted to hold her baby. She has been looking forward to this almost as much as Chad and I. I would say the picture of her holding Pratt is one of my favorite of the day! Once the cookies and newness wore off things kind of turned into a circus, and the visit ended up being much shorter than planned. Chad hauled the kiddos back home, and got them to bed. He and I had a final phone call for the evening and we called it a day. It was a really great one though!