Sunday, August 30, 2015

williams baby #5

Chad and I were excited when we decided we were once again ready to add to our crew.  This time, I had promised myself that I would find some really fun way to let him know when we were expecting.  I knew that the ideas I had to share the news would all require some preparation, and him not being too busy to actually receive the news.  As it turned out I found out in the middle of a busy work week.  I decided to wait until Sunday so I could have everything ready.  On Saturday morning, as one by one our babies all made their way down to our bed for a morning snuggle with daddy home, Chad made the comment that life just couldn't get any better.  As much as I wanted to agree with him, I just couldn't hold it in, and told him, that indeed it could, and would in October when Williams baby #5 would join us!We are just so in love with our life and the family have created together!

date night

Aimee has been looking forward to her Daddy/daughter dance since she went last year!  She loved everything from getting to dress up, to the special attention she got, to the ice cream at the end of the evening.  It was magical!  And she expected nothing less for this date night.  Of course this one one entitlement that Chad and I were happy to feed in to.
Porter was also excited for mother/son date night this year that he would be old enough to go to.  Sadly, the school does that one on a Sunday evening.  He was so bummed that we wouldn't get to go have dinner and bowl.  We decided that we just couldn't let him miss out on his special night because of not everyone understands and shares our desire to keep the Sabbath day holy.  Since Chad and Aimee would already be out, we sent May to Mike and Saundra's for a couple of hours while Porter, Pratt and this lucky mom got dinner (with school freebie coupons) and went bowling!  We had a blast!  I wish I could post the videos I took of them bowling, because it was easy to see that we also made the night of the people that had lanes on either side of us!  Both boys were so excited for their turns that they would just about go crazy waiting to throw their second ball.  Because the went so slow down the lane they probably could have two balls rolling at the same time and been fine.

At the end of the evening, everyone was feeling about 10 feet tall! This included Chad and I, who thought we had helped make some pretty great little people to take "out!"

dr. seuss

Aimee and Porter's school make a beg deal out of Dr. Seuss's birthday week.  As a result there was a lot going on at our house that week that related to it as well.  We decided this year that we would make our own green eggs and ham.  The fake eggs we had at the school last year was one time to many. 
The kids had all kinds of fun Seuss related activities and projects during the week.  It included everything from art and craft projects that were brought home to an appearance of The Cat in the Hat in the Library.  On of the highlights of the week was the book report Aimee had to give.  She also had to dress up as a favorite Seuss character and do an oral reading of a portion of the book that talked about that character.  I may or may not have swayed Aimee's decision to be Little Cindy Lou-Who.  I just thought she could pull that one off better than any other character because she is so little and cute already.  She got rave reviews on the report, and I think we nailed her character presentation!

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Whenever I put piggies in May's hair, the boys beg me to make May's hair into "two big pokes," or "poke hairs."  It only lasts for a minute or two before the pokes give way to the curls, but it is worth the excitement they get out of it.

Not much makes Aimee more happy than a loose tooth.  It is a complete distraction, and she struggles to do anything until she can get it out of her mouth and under her pillow.  She wanted nothing more than to pull this one using the door slamming trick.  I made sure it was loose enough to work since it had previously failed, and set her up.  Who knew having a tooth ripped out of your mouth from slamming a door could be so exhilarating!

There is no real significance to this picture, I just thought May looked super cute with her new hair style.

And not much makes me happier than a little girl with braided piggies!
One afternoon when school was canceled, I was trying to fill the time with something fun.  I always want a surprise day at home with mom, to be a happy thing.  A pan full of baking soda and muffin tins with different colors of vinegar and a few droppers did the trick!  Time well wasted!

This is a photo of the first time I turned Pratt loose to write words on his own.  He was still three at the time.  I was blown away!  This smart!
It was actually on Pratt's birthday that we decided to bite the bullet and put May in her big girl bed.  She loved it, and did great...for a little while.  Then Aimee begged us to take her out of the room because she was so tired at school because May kept her up all night.  We agreed, but started over as soon as school was over.  None of the other kids have had such a hard time staying in bed!

When I go to the grocery store with all of the kids I never manage to leave without someone using at least one or more of the following phrases:  "Are all of those kids yours?" "You sure have your hands full," or "I could never deal with so many,""You must stay very busy," or my personal favorite that usually comes from an older woman, "Enjoy them while they are little, it goes so fast."  I usually just smile as say, "I absolutely love it!"  Not everyone appreciates that answer, sadly.  But even more than the small talk phrases, I get a variety of looks.  I am fairly certain I know what they are thinking by the look on their face.  I'd say most people are thinking something along the lines of, "that woman is crazy!"  I really don't mind.  In fact I think it is kinda funny how clearly that expression can come across.  I got more than the normal amount of those "crazy lady" looks one afternoon while in Kroger.  I agreed to let all three big kids push their own cart, as I tried to herd them in the correct general direction without running into anyone, or anything .  It didn't help that by the time we were ready to check out, one cart was full of normal groceries, one had about 60 pounds of butter, and the other cart had a toddler in it and was being pushed by a Little Cindy Lou-Who impersonator who had dressed up for Dr. Seuss day.  I just thought to myself, "If only you knew what you are missing out on, you'd jump at the chance to be the 'crazy lady' too!"

One Saturday night we time-hopped to my childhood and put Aimee's hair in braids and curlers.  The crimped curls were very old school, and I realized why not more people did this anymore.  Just before I snapped this picture Aimee told me she thought she looks just like Aunt Tubbs!  It was a great moment.  We managed to pile the curls and make it look very cute.

We have a way of accumulating hand me downs.  I love it!  One day at church a big boy brought Porter his old Loony Toons tie that h had grown out of.  He then proceeded to try to teach Porter how to correctly tie a Windsor Knot.  Porter now wears that tie every week, but Chad or me do the tie tying.

Friday night camp-in!  It is, after all, the next best thing to actually camping out (in the backyard).
As one might imagine, there are many things that May does that irritate Pratt.  It can be rough having a little sister!  This is the solution Pratt came up with for when May tries to mess with the buttons on the television.  I thought it was a better idea than pushing or hitting!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

pratt turns 4

You know, there just isn't a great way to describe this boy.  When this kid was born he was 100% angelic.  Content.  Happy.  Sweet.  He was such an easy baby!  Then he learned to walk.  My life changed drastically at that point!  For about the following three years, I don't think I ever used the word angelic to describe him, unless he was sleeping.  Pratt got into more trouble than the other two ever dreamed of getting into.  He challenged every theory I had on raising kids, and tested my limits to, and sometimes past, my breaking point.  Then he turned four.  While I still haven't entirely convinced him to go to the bathroom before it becomes a problem when he is playing, or at least to not do it in a public place, he has changed.  I think he suddenly realized that being "big" can also mean, listening and doing what you are supposed to do.  Oh, and he even gives me a hug sometimes and tells me he loves me!
So This boy wanted to be in on all birthday prep.  He and Porter helped with every step of making and decorating his construction cake.  They were excellent helpers, and Pratt was very gracious in letting Porter help as well.

That night Mike and Saundra came over to man the crew while Chad and I took Pratt out to his first birthday dinner.  Much to Chad's delight, he chose to go to Five Guys!  Turns out he decided against eating what he ordered, and wanted Chad's dinner.  When Chad traded him, it was proof that he loves his little Mini-Me.  Then we took Pratt to Wal-Mart to pick out his birthday presents from the grandparents.  He thought that was about the coolest thing ever, and was a huge fan of all of his gifts!

We rounded out the evening by blowing out candles and sharing birthday cake with the cousins!  He was in heaven!  Life is good being four!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

canceled church

As a kid I only remember church being canceled once.  One time.  Here in Ohio, we have had some or part of church canceled on multiple occasions in our short time here.  On this Sunday we were surprised to learn that church was completely canceled.  As it turned out, most of the snow we got came before church started, and before it was called off.  However, we decided that we would try to find some creative ways to still observe the sabbath.
 We started by taking some time that morning to help our neighbors clear their driveways.  We wanted to let the kids be a part of it and feel some satisfaction at their service.  They did, and had a wonderful experience!  Plus, our neighbors thought it was super cute!  
Once we felt we had helped where we could, we decided to enjoy some extra time to have some wholesome recreation together as a family, that wouldn't take away from sabbath day worship.  We started out in the front yard, with Chad building something of a luge/sledding track.  I wish I had a photo, but I only shot video.
Eventually we migrated to the back yard to put our snowman supplies to work.  With our family and Mike and Saundra's we had the manpower and enthusiasm to really go at it.  
It took quite a bit of muscle just to put the second ball on, and the third was even worse.  The head, while much small, was tricky just to get that high in the air.  The kids made the head on the ground.  They even decorated it there.  then we had to stack people to actually get it to the top.  We let the kids then take turns being lifted up to add the scarf and arms.  We had to do this because when they tried to add the sticks themselves they looked like a different type of appendage...
Even our next door neighbors were in awe of our giant friend.  It wasn't just us. 
Our family did indeed make memories that strengthened us, and allowed us to grow.
This was just another "event" that made us so grateful to have our family here with us in Ohio!
In all fairness there was a downside to our fun.  When our snowman crashed just two days later, he took out the back fence.  Hobbs however, has rather enjoyed that part though.  I guess it really is all about perspective.


In the last two school years, we have had a lot of snow days (some of them make me laugh at the wimpiness of Ohioans).  They are always a treat to the whole family!  We make the most of a day with everyone together!  We play in the snow, drink hot chocolate, and play games.  We love it!  So when the bus driver told Aimee her sure fire method for getting a snow day, she recruited the whole family. 
Sleep in your pajamas inside out, sleep with a spoon under your pillow, and put ice in the toilet.  That is the superstition.  We made the mistake of doing it when the stats were not in our favor.  It was such a let down!  Now we only let it happen when it looks like it might actually come to fruition.  Either way it adds a little excitement to the house.  We do love it though, when superstition wins!


I have worked for Dr. Jody for two years as a sub hygienist.  I think she is a great dentist, and I can't say that about very many.  So when I finally took my kids in as patients, I felt really good about it.  I'm not sure they felt the same way.  They learned that the Williams children are not one of those shy, quiet kids that just open their mouths and let them quickly and easily zip through their jobs.  They asked questions about everything they saw, and everything everyone did. 

At the end of the day, everyone checked out, and got their much anticipated tokens and toothbrushes.  And I think my co-workers my also realize the reason that working with them something of a day off for me, but also why there is no place other than home that I would rather be!


Each day when Aimee comes home from school, I take her folder out and go through item in it.  I like to see what she is getting right and wrong, and what things she is currently learning.  When I saw this one come home I was a little confused.  It didn't really fit into a category.  In fact it was sort of a grandma-tree-mash-up, and none of the writing was from Aimee.  When I asked Aimee what it was, this is the gist of what she told me:
"I was in the hall at school, and I saw Mrs. Downer (the school psychologist) so I pretended I was sad.  She saw me and asked why I was sad, so I told her it was because my grandma died.  She told me that we should talk about it later.  She came and got me from my class after lunch and took me to her office.  She told me to draw some of my favorite memories of my grandma."
At this point I was somewhere between being annoyed that the woman didn't consult me about the situation, worried that the school thought I was a neglectful parent of my child's emotional needs, and irritated that Aimee would fake sad for attention, all while I was laughing on the inside.  Never mind that the things she drew on the leaves were a mix of things that I had told her about her Grandma Williams, and the things she had actually done with my mom.  Aimee just wanted to try the whole counselor experience out on someone who fed into her dramatic flare.  Plus she got to draw instead of do class work.  I'm pretty sure it was a win for her! 
We had to have a chat about why it was dishonest, and a number of other reasons not to do that.  That girl is something else!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Why this girl has to grow up on me is tough to swallow sometimes.  I know that great things await her, and that we can make some great memories along the way, but sheesh, it is hard to watch! And yet, watching her turn into a young lady is also such a gift. 

Aimee has yet to grow out of going to Steak N' Shake for her birthday dinner (much to Chad's dismay).  Luckily we were able to go home and chase the burger and fries with some Barbie Princess cake with the family, and Uncle Mike and Aunt Saundra's family!

We didn't miss the chance to bring a treat to school.  Aimee once again chose sugar cookies.  I think she picks that because she likes making them as much as she likes eating them.  She was a good sport and let her little brothers pitch in.

And just like that another year has come and gone!  Only a year left until she is old enough to choose if she wants to be baptized!  We have to make this year one for the books!