Friday, February 24, 2017

o christmas tree

Boots, coats, hats, and even a few of us had gloves!  This years Christmas tree hunting adventure was cool and wet!  We ran into the barn to meet Mike and Saundra, and to warm up by the fire while we worked out a game plan.  Chad and Mike went out did an initial scout out.  They found a few options for good spots and trees to look at and then we took our crew (including my newborn baby Canon who was strapped to my chest) out into the rain to pick out a tree!
 It really didn't take us long to find a perfect tree, and one that nearly all of us could agree on

 Chad had the kids get in on the action.  They didn't mind one bit getting wet down on grass.  I think Porter, especially felt he had claimed a piece of manhood pushing and pulling the saw!

The only down side of this tree was human error.  We had a heck of a time getting it to stand straight.  In the end we decided leaning a little gave it a little bit of Williams flare!
 And since Christmas trees and Santa go hand in hand, here are couple of three happy kids, one who is just happy to be part of the action, and one that was more than okay with getting away from this very life-like Santa at our annual Breakfast with Santa.

cow skills

Some people are great pianists,  computer wizards, or surgeons.  I make milk!  This was a pumping I did at the end of a day so that I could sleep.  This go around nursing I got to share my milk with friends having surgery, those who couldn't make enough, and even a friend who had tiny premature triplets.  That milk was packaged at an ice cream shipping store and shipped out overnight.  I'm just glad my talent gets used!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

free chinese

Chad had a work meeting that had lots of extra food.  Since he has so many mouths to feed, and because we are probably the only residents who jump at free left overs, Chad brought it home, and we made an event of dinner.  

Aimee loved it so much she has decided that she wants to go to a Chinese restaurant for her birthday date!

cousin time

With me being a little more preoccupied, May and Kamry capitalized on opportunities to try new things.  Most of them were not things I was thrilled about.  Luckily, mischief+time=funny memories. 

holding turns

It quickly became a habit for the oldest four kiddos to hold Canon before very much progress for the morning could be made.  This made getting kids out the door for school a little tricky, but mostly I just loved how much love this little guy brought into our home.

I love that this is such a perfect depiction of Aimee.

What the kids did when Chad and I took a turn holding Canon!

I literally had to stop myself from adding any more pictures.  I could go on and on with these.  It is a problem that I am so grateful I've had! I've got to hand it to Canon, he puts up with his popularity well!

my favorite birthday

I am one of the lucky people on this earth that gets to live out their dream.  I once had a mom at the pedadontist office that I sub at tell me, upon hearing that I was a full time stay-at-home mom, that she was far too ambitious to just stay home.  I suppose I could have been offended by that. if I thought what I did was as trivial as she did.  But, I don't.  I love it!  And the pomp I got from my five kids, age 7 and younger, on my 32nd birthday was proof to me that there is no where else I would rather be.

 I don't think I could have felt more loved by family!  But Chad planned a date for my birthday to go out, which felt so good at that postpartum time, I was feeling great.  We got a phone call from the babysitter just as we were headed into the restaurant that Porter had just thrown up, and she needed us to come home.  I was bummed, yet I wasn't.  I enjoyed the thoughtfulness of my sweetheart to arrange it, even though life had just happened.  I walked in the door to find that he was actually just facilitating a bigger plan.  My amazing friends had planned a murder mystery dinner surprise party!  They even had a costume that I could comfortably wear laid out on my bed, flapper headband and lipstick included!  I got to spend the night just having fun with some of the best parts about living in Ohio!

 I have never enjoyed the roaring 20's more than I did that night after turning 32!

halloween 2015

Halloween is one of my favorite family holidays!  Every year I force my family to dress in family themed costumes, and make them trick or treat longer than any of them care to.   This year was a little tricky.  I was still trying to feel normal, and still make all of our favorite traditions happen.   

I wanted to go the ward Halloween party so bad.  I talked everyone into the simplest costumes I could think of and tried to wear a pair of pants.  By the end of the night I was hurting so bad, but I was so glad I went.  I love doing this stuff with these awesome humans! 

Chad decided to carve instead of paint this year.  He decided he would paint next year!  There is much more instant gratification.

My pictures were a bit spotty this year, and things were pretty low key.  Having my five happy, healthy babies, I still consider it a win.