Friday, July 18, 2014

one amazing dad

I can't put into words just how lucky my babies are to have Chad Williams for their daddy.  Chad's greatest fear through all of his medical training is that he would be an absentee dad.  He is anything but!  From the second that the kiddos hear the garage door until he walks through the door, their little bodies can hardly contain their excitement. Chad is their hero, and he this their biggest fan. I think that is the way it was meant to be.
Here are just a few of my favorites from the last little while.
Chad has sneaked a few times and given the kids "driving lessons."

 Chad is a hands on dad.  When he does a project, the kids do it with him.  Aimee and Porter had a great Saturday helping dad work on the bunk beds.

 This is a not a rare situation to find these four in. From the moment that they hear the garage door open they can hardly contain themselves. Once he is within touching distance, they are pretty much attached until he peels them off.
I rarely play board games with the kids.  I like to tell myself it is because I have other things I need to do.  Truthfully, I don't have the patience.  Every now and again Chad sucks me in.  He mans the rules, and keeps the pride in check when someone has to be on the loosing end, and he makes sure we all have a good time. 
Sleepovers are a big deal at our house.  Mostly because Chad goes above and beyond to make it awesome.  Nothing says sleepover like a specially made daddy tent.
And sometimes in order to make everyone happy, he has to get pretty creative.
I always cringe just a little when Aimee asks her dad to do her hair.  Depending on if we have to go anywhere determines how willing I am to let go of my hair OCD.  Aimee on the other hand thinks it is awesome!
Box castle anyone?  Could a Sunday afternoon get any better for a kid?  I submit that it could not!
I'm not sure if Aimee or Chad was more excited when we found out about that Aimee's school has an annual Daddy/daughter dance!  Their first one together was magical for the both.
Mostly it was Aimee spending the entire night telling her dad everything about every thing and person she say.  There wasn't much dancing, but there were crowns and treats!
Chad didn't let the evening end without an ice cream sundae.  He also had his date home by 9:30!  Perfection!
Dragging out an actual mattress was the best way to get even mom involved in a family movie night and camp-out!  And the popcorn was the icing on the cake.
We have become big fans of the first Saturday of each month.  The Home Depot has a free project for kids to build.  Chad loves heading that activity up, and even though it is a family event, the kids want Chad's approval on anything we build.
This is just a sampling.  Chad is an amazing dad!  He somehow manages to balance family, work, church and all the extras with such grace.  His family is always his number one priority.  When all of his co-workers can't wait to go to the bar or grab a quick round of golf, Chad can't wait to come home to his family.  We are so blessed!