Friday, June 7, 2013


Pratt is his fathers son.  He looks like him, he is built like him, and he even eats like him!  His daddy is his idol.  It is a rare occasion that I can get Pratt to cuddle with me, but Chad can get loves as often as he wants.  He is a daddy's boy. 

Chad also loves to work outside.  He has missed his endless space to garden and tinker that he had in Omaha.  However, he has loved having his own yard to tend (or our neighbors if he runs out of things to do in ours).  If Chad is out working in the yard, you better believe that is where Pratt wants to be too.
Chad has enjoyed the time he has been able to spend this spring planting and pruning.  So has Pratt.  Pratt has a number of shirts and shorts that he can no longer wear anywhere but home, because he was such a good "helper" (he also loves to be called a helper).

There have also been several nights that the tub water looked more like the water that ran in the ditch next to my house as a kid, after Pratt gets out.

I think some dads would be annoyed or frustrated to have so much help all the time.  Not Chad.  He eats it up!  He has mastered mowing with one arm and is a champ at adjusting the soil and mulch after planting, among other things.  It is pretty easy to see why Chad is Pratts hero!