Sunday, October 5, 2014

lemonaid stand

We really have never established any traditions for Independence Day.  This year we also lost the lottery and Chad was scheduled to be on call (it is a drinking holiday after all).  So instead of wasting the day, we decided to show our American spirit and be entrepreneurs.  We had been planning to do it for a while, but this seemed like a great day for a lemonade stand!  I wanted this to be a learning experience for  the kiddos, so I made them help from beginning to end. 
We started the morning by making a special trip to Wal-Mart.  We bought poster board, cookie and lemonade supplies, and a few sparklers just for good measure.  Once we got home, I helped the kids make their poster.  I wrote the bubble words, they colored them in.  Then we spent a couple of hours working together to make two kinds of cookies.  We packed a lunch, packed the van with all our supplies, and headed out for the afternoon.
We decided to set up shop at the corner of the "skunk forest."  There is a lot more traffic there.  once the stand was ready, I sent my little barkers to the corner with their signs.  They stood on a rock wall and called at passing cars.  They were very loud and energetic!  After 10 minutes and no customers, they started to loose heart.  Just when they were ready to throw in the towel, a bike rider that couldn't avoid eye contact was captured.  He very sweetly waited as we walked through the process of selling cookies and lemonade.  He even gave them each a tip!  Motivated by this sale, they hit the corner once again and started reeling in the costumers.  Porter and Pratt eventually only wanted to be a part of the action once a customer was acquired.  They all practically pounced on the people that stopped.  Aimee was my trooper though!  She was a natural saleswoman!  She stood right at the boundary I set at the corner and hollered at ever car that stopped or passed.  I felt a little sorry for the ones that had to wait for an opening to enter the street.  She made sure they knew they were missing the opportunity of a life time!  "Fresh cookies and lemonade!"  "They are yummy in your tummy!"  I'm sure the passers by thought I had coached the kids on how to bring in business, but no.  I just sat under the umbrella with May and enjoyed the free entertainment!
In total we were there about three hours.  In that time we sold all the lemonade, and a good portion of the cookies we prepared.  The kids pocketed just over $50.00.  I tried to teach the kids that harder work gets a greater reward.  Aimee got to keep $20.00, and each of the boys  got $15.00.  They each got to pay tithing and set a side some money to take to Idaho.   I'd say we definitely met our goals, and started a new holiday tradition!

the big 5!

I think there is something about turning five that changes a kid.  Maybe it is that they know that they are old enough to go to school now?  I don't know.  It just seems to me that there is a switch that flips.  Porter went from an all-about-me little boy, to a what-can-I-do-to-help boy.  He wants to please his parents and show everyone how big he is.
Somehow I can't find the pictures from this transformation day, but is was a happy one!  Porter got to have his first birthday party.  Since he is a summer baby, we went with the play-in-the-water-outside theme.  I gave each kid a squirt gun/bottle and filled up a few buckets of water and let them go to town.  My neighbor lent us a slip ' slide, and we turned on a sprinkler.  Could life get any better!  They had a wonderful time soaking in the Vitamin D!  There were a few water games, some chocolaty cake, and lots of running around screaming!  Porter even got to end his party by going next door for another birthday party!

For his birthday we gave him a fishing pole.  With his birthday money he replaced the remote control car that he got for Christmas.  While I dislike my babies growing up so fast, it was a super happy day for us all!