Friday, August 24, 2012

april stuff

I missed so many photo opps that I hate to even think about it, but here were a few of our last month at VG.  

Chad just being the awesome dad that he is!
This one was of our trip to the Kansas City Temple open house.  We loved letting Aimee and Porter see the inside, and being able to tell them about the special things that happen there, and why it is so important to us!
This photo is of one of my dear friends.  Her name is Elizabeth.  I visit taught her the entire time I lived here, and was so blesses to get to know her, and learn from her.  Before I left she took me out to a Cin-and-Dine.  It was tons of fun!  I miss tons!
We loved the rain storms in Omaha, and we loved playing in them with the kiddos.  Puddle jumping was favorite past time for all of us!

bad vs. good

We have now been gone from our beloved home in Omaha for over three months.  We knew we would miss that place that had become our home, and we were right.  We love where we are, and what we are doing, but I often get nestalgic for that place and time in our life.  We had two of our children there, and made more wonderful memories during Med school than most.  It was four years we will forever look back to with fondness.  I know I will never be able to capture it all, but I made a couple of lists (in no particular order) of the good and bad.  Hopefully when we read back through this, our list will come close to reminding us about these sweet years.

Things we don't miss about Omaha:

* Certain next door neighbors
* Village Green board meeting drama
* The suicide lane
* Out of control 4th of July parties (next door)
* Henry the Dog
* Creaky floors
* People parking in I8 (our parking spot)
* The Council Bluffs Wal-Mart
* Drivers who meander, don't use blinkers to change lanes, and don't know how to use a turning lane
* Replacing light bulbs almost weekly

Things we do miss about Omaha:

* Living just feet from all of our besties
* Sidewalk chalk art on almost every front walk
* Maintenance
* The Henry Doorly Zoo
* Endless gardening space
* Monitor sitting
* The Winter Quarters Temple/ Trail Center/ cemetery
* Dr. Loucks
* Living next to the Botanical Gardens
* Institute in the Club house
* Never ending baby showers
* Village Green trick-or-treating
* Smiles and waves from our garbage man
* Dance class at the clubhouse
* Neighborhood BBQ's
* Vala's Pumpkin Patch
* Village Green Easter Egg Hunt
* Speed walking at night with the girls
* Permanent 10:00 church time
* The institute building
* Easy baking distribution
* Neighbor kids knocking on the door asking to play
* Impromptu pool parties
* The annual yard sale
* Consignment sales
* Sister Gikes treats at church