Friday, September 18, 2015

family easter

The stars aligned and every one's spring break from Ohio and Alabama were at the same time!  Not only were our vacations the same, it was General Conference and Easter weekend!  I can't think of three better reasons for three brothers and their families to get together!

We had such a great trip!  My pictures are all out of order and don't show things as well as I would like, but I can't think of a thing what wasn't great!  We did everything from helping 11 kids dye Easter eggs, to the adults playing games and eating fancy gelato!  We worked together to combine all of our conference and Easter traditions.  We enjoyed wonderful weather and the beauty of the South.  Oh, and as far as I know/can remember, there were no major kid evens in which they destroyed property!

One of the major highlights was dying eggs.  It was hilarious how many eggs we had to boil to satisfy their creativity!  I made my kids wear plastic bags over their cloths since I didn't bring cloths they could ruin (since someone always does).  They had so much fun comparing their eggs with one another.

We visited a fun park called Nacalula Falls.  I didn't actually take a photo of the falls, but is was a fun waterfall that just sort of appeared in the middle of the landscape, with a neat history.  We had a great picnic and waded in the water.  Then we went and saw some fun old settlement buildings that had been restored, as well as a mini petting zoo.  We rounded it out with a hike down to the falls.  It was so fun seeing all of the cousins exploring together, and three brothers all toting their babies up and down boulders!

Steve and Em also let us have a taste of their Southern home by taking us to an Easter Egg hunt at the local library.  It was fun to let the kids try something new.  They got all kinds of trinkets that kept them busy in the car.  One of the kids also found the coveted golden egg.  The best part was that organizers hyped it up so much, and we found out that the grand prize was a quarter!

May did take the opportunity to enjoy her climbing skills.  While she was supposed to be napping she had a hay day emptying the suitcases!

We had an absolute blast!  It was one of those trips that just make you thankful for the chance to be a part of such an amazing family!