Tuesday, March 6, 2012

pratt is 1

It is always hard for me when my babies have their first birthday. It kind of symbolizes the end of them being a baby and becoming a toddler. It isn't that I don't also love them being toddlers, I just miss my babies. Pratt turned one on Sunday! I think this one was extra hard. Of my three kids, he has been my easiest and happiest baby. Understandably he was a little cranky when he had a couple of ear infections, and while he was cutting his first two teeth. Other than that he is a pretty relaxed kid, who is just happy to be part of the family, and explore anything he can manage to get into. It was Stake Conference on Sunday. The birthday boy spent two hours in a make shift play pen we constructed in the Relief Society room, out of the courner and some chairs, where we watched the conference. He is at that age where he is getting hard to handle during church, so this was awesome! Then we came home and had naps before we did anything about his b-day. That is the luxury of the first couple of birthdays, they don't know the day is any different. Once everyone was up, we Skyped our families and Aimee and Porter helped me make the cake they had picked out for Pratt. They were great helpers! After a couple of different birthday songs and Porter blowing out the candle for Pratt, we let him do the traditional cake bash. Sadly, my big (at least for our house) child was pretty dainty about it. We made him sit there for quite a while so that he could be satisfactorily messy for a picture. It was a fun day, even if it was bitter/sweet.

It amazes me how very different each of my kiddos are. Pratt has been my cheerful child. He doesn't demand a lot of attention, but makes me feel like a hero when I give it to him. He loves to explore, be tickled and get into things. He has started his "destructo" stage earlier than the other two. I have already lost rolls of toilet paper and had cupboards emptied. While Pratt hasn't gotten brave enough to walk yet he has found other ways of getting around without being attached to perimeters. He loves to push chairs and my flour buckets around like they are walkers. He has even been clever about it and has figured out how to push and even pull them from diffrent angles to change his course. Sadly, he even managed to push a chair and himself down the stairs a couple of weeks ago! I nearly had a heart attack when it happened, but after a very quick love he was fine and wanted to get put back down so he could do his own thing. He loves to follow Aimee and Porter up and down the stairs (which he figured out himself a couple of months ago), and he loves to eat! Pratt always laughs when I come to get him out of his crib and has been an absolute joy in our family. I adore this little guy!