Saturday, March 18, 2017


Just another example of May's talent of stealth.
 Hair may not be Chads best skill, but he looks super cute doing it!
 We enjoyed making the most of the snow!

My number one helper during the day.

Aimee, with the help of her dad, made me this great purse!

May taking care of her baby.

Porter loves having the missionaries over!

We got these works of art in the mail from grandma.  She spent a Sunday writing each of the kids a special letter and drawing them a picture.

I wish the photo showed it better, but I am so cool, that sometimes I even work out with good old Abe Lincoln!

Pratt rocks at rocket math!  Medlar View will have one crazy smart boy in the Kindergarten next year!

My two cute riders!  This is how they do family bike rides.
If I mailed all of the notes my kids write to family, I would go broke paying for stamps.  They sure are cute though!

This baby boy makes our whole family so darn happy!

Porter and his mini-me!

The music teacher at the school does some random stuff.  Luckily, Porter isn't big enough yet to care.

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