Tuesday, March 14, 2017

christmas festivities

Christmas 2015 came with some old traditions and some new.  One new thing we tried was making our own ornaments.  They were made mostly of cinnamon and Elmer's Glue, cut into shapes and baked.  My house smelled awesome!  Once they were cooled, we let the kids go crazy painting them.  We had several ornament casualties, but it was a fun project.
 We made the usual candies and cookies to share with friends.
 Canon was the perfect Baby Jesus in our family Christmas Eve nativity production!
 We had a great time at the Kids Christmas party at the hospital, as well

We had lots of fun at Christmas parties and activities that never even got photographed.  Mostly we just enjoyed the blessings of family and friends at the season when when we celebrate our Savior, Jesus Christ who has filled our hearts and home with peace and love.

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