Saturday, March 18, 2017

birthday and baptism

Seriously, if you are going to have an awesome birthday, turn 8 during the holidays!  Aimee's birthday is usually a continuation of the holiday season, but this year, it was the birthday that kept on giving.  On her actual birthday we did balloons and a couple of presents, but mostly we waited for he fun to start once all the family that was coming for her birthday was around.  
It was great to just have them there for the everyday things in our lives like meals and hanging out around the house.

Because we had just had Christmas, we had fun new things to play with.  Both grandpas spend a couple of hours putting together Lego set that said it was for ages 3+.  They only had a couple of pieces left over to injure their pride!

The main event was, of course, Aimee's baptism.  It was pretty special to have family travel 1700 miles to be with her on such an important day.  Grandma Alice played the piano, and the grandpas spoke.  Oh, and the little brothers said the prayers.  While we had a captive audience we also blessed our little Canon ball.  We then had cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate before calling it a day.  It was awesome!
Aimee also got to have a friend birthday party.  It was a little tricky finding a day to make it work, but we managed to pull off a Spa party that only cost me $12 dollars and a cake, thanks to the free supplies from the hospital.  Each girl left with flamingo toes, a bottle of nail polish, and smile (Aunt Saundra was instrumental in making it work).

Finally, about four months after her birthday we got around to taking her out.  She wanted Chinese, and it was a hit.  8 year olds are the best!

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