Wednesday, February 23, 2011

one lucky girl

Most of the things I post tend to be all about the kids, but I couldn't let this golden opportunity pass me by. Today was Chad's last day in his surgery rotation. He was lucky enough today to work with a surgeon, Dr. Gross, who made it a great note to go out on. Chad said he was great to take the time to really teach, and was one of the few who welcomed questions and participation. It was his idea to take to take a photo of Chad in his space suit surgical attire that had taken a good blood squirt. He also let Chad make the opening incision for a shoulder procedure that they did! Chad said that Dr. Gross was a very positive person to work with who even went out of his way to compliment his staff on a job well done. So many of the docs he has worked with in this rotation have had what some might call a bit of an ego issue. It was so refreshing to spend his last day with someone who reflects the kind of surgeon Chad wants to be someday. Today was also especially nice since the last week has been rather stressful. Because it wasn't until just before Christmas that Chad had really decided what he wanted to do, he wasn't very focused on all that had to be done to prepare for the next steps that will have to be taken. Suddenly there are application deadlines, residency programs and fourth year schedules that all have to be taken care of in the midst of one of the hardest rotations of the year. I think it really crept up on him. Lucky for me, Chad is a hard worker. He did have a bit of a panic attack, but pulled it together and is, even as I write this, at the library preparing for his OSCE that is tomorrow and his shelf exam on Friday. He is doing his part, and I know that things will be just fine! On a side note, this weekend Porter managed to get sick. He woke up Saturday night in a puddle of vomit. It was Chad that got him in the tub, and the bedding in the wash. Then later, with the help of some great friends and neighbors, gave Porter a blessing. I am so blessed to have a husband who works so hard to always be worthy to exercise his Priesthood. I know Chad hates it when I get public with just how amazing he is, but it is the truth! I am so blessed!

Friday, February 18, 2011

christmas at home

Up to this point in our lives we have been lucky enough to get to spend Christmas with our families in Idaho. However, we know this won't last forever and thought we should establish now some of our own family memories and traditions. Aimee and Porter had plenty to open and be excited about while at the grandparents houses, but we made sure to let them know that Santa would still visit our house. We had our own Christmas on January 2nd. We started the night before by making cookies for Santa (all of these random visits must be how he gets all of his stops in). We were actually the ones to wake up the kids the next morning. I was pretty excited, plus we had to get all of the fun in and still have time to get ready for church! We had a great time opening all the hand-me-down gifts we got a hold of. After being in Idaho for the 25th and a birthday, Aimee and Porter had the unwrapping down, and it was a blast to see them rip into the presents! We did forget to unload stockings until later that morning, but at least now we have something to build on for next year, and all the years to come!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

valentines day

The week before Valentine's day was during one of Omaha's "Arctic blasts." Basically this means we were stuck in the house so that we wouldn't loose any fingers or toes due to the sub-zero temperatures. I thought a good way to pass the time would be to let the kiddos help me make some treats for Daddy and the grandparents. They had a great time, for about five minutes. Luckily, those are the minutes I caught on tape. We also learned that our timing turned out just right getting the little valentines to the grandparents. If only all of the plans we made for the actual day had gone that well. Chad had school early that day but I wanted to still do a nice breakfast surprise for him. I got up at 12:30 a.m. and made him some heart shaped struessel cakes that I set out for him and had a few other things in the fridge with a note. I made it to bed at about 2 a.m. and to sleep by 3. It just so happened that this was the first day in our married life that I forgot to flip the alarm switch. I woke Chad up at the time that he had planned to leave for his first day of Orthopedics rotation. Luckily, he had planned on being almost a half hour early just in case things got rolling early, and ended up right on time. Unfortunately, he missed all of the surprises we had for him, except the suckers the kids made. I was so tired the rest of the day that I bagged the rest. Monday really is a terrible day for a that holiday. I'm just glad he knows how much I love him without all of the flowers and hearts. Maybe in a couple of months we will have to surprise him with a clearance valentine's day. Plus, what holiday wouldn't be better in July?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

dragon/horsey rides

After watching "How to Train Your Dragon" they were dragon rides for a long time. That is right up until we went to Grandpa Williams for the real thing, and then it was back to horsey rides. It is one of the all time favorite things the kids do with Chad, and he loves every second of it. Over the Christmas break Chad had lots of extra family time that was used to wear the knees out of two pairs of jeans playing horsey! He had a lot of fun trying out three and even four kiddos on his back at a time while in Preston with our nieces joining in the fun. I think it was good practice! This surgery rotation has been a busy one, so when Chad gets home at night, it usually takes less than a minute before one or both of the kids are perched on top of their dear old dad. I can't say that I love that he gets right down to play time business in his good dress pants, but it really is worth it with the limited time they have had together. Aimee has also had a few variations in which she now leads him around by the tie to either the "big girl barn" or "for a little walk." I don't know of a Daddy more in love with his kiddos!

herdy birdy #3

Because Aimee's birthday is just after Christmas, she usually gets to celebrate twice while we are in town. Two families, two cakes, and two sets of presents. What more could a kid ask for right? This year the King celebration was a little rough. Aimee was having one of her power struggle dinners. This means she was seeing how much attention she could milk out of not eating, and if we would give in to her since we weren't at home. Well, two hours later she finished her dinner and was alowed to have the cake Grandma Alice made her. The combination of a late dinner, no nap and playing hard all day with cousins and Aunts didn't exactly add up to the happiest ending. Luckily we did get a few happy birthday memories on film. Her actual birthday was spent at Grandpa Williams. He had brought a couple horses up from American falls to the arena for a couple of days since it was so cold, and boy was Aimee thrilled! That is her favorite thing to do with Grandpa! She did get a nap that day and as you can see from the video, that birthday song was a much happier! It is so fun to watch your kiddos grow up, but so hard!


best friends

Yesterday Aimee told be that she had a baby in her tummy. I told her she couldn't have babies until she got big, and got married. She then told me that she was going to get married in the temple with Porter. I said that yes, Porter would get married too when he got big. Then she clarified her statement. She said "Porter's going to get married to me in the temple." Not only did I love that at three years old she is planning on getting married in the temple, but I love that she loves her brother so much! He loves her right back too! These two have been forced to put in a lot of play time together during the winter months. I used to throw in a movie each morning so that I could take a shower in peace, now I just shut the door and Aimee and Porter entertain each other. Just ask Aimee who her best friend is and she will say Porter. Of course there are moments that I could stand to not have them play so well together, especially when Porter is copying something that Aimee is doing that she shouldn't be. For example, the other day the two of them were jumping off the couch. Porter is little enough that he never even came close to landing on his feet. I thought he was going to crack his head open. The two of them have also become quite stealthy at getting things off the counter that aren't right against the wall, out of bucket reach. They hijacked a block of cheese the other day, and I found them under the kitchen table (their latest hide-out) taking turns having bites of it. They rescue each other when the other one is in time out, they fight over toys and they pretend to animals for hours on end. I have a lot of great memories of doing fun and crazy things with my brothers growing up, so it only made me more excited to add one more little body to the trouble makers!

catch up

Our computer was having a lot of issues that made it impossible to blog. That was a huge bummer since we missed the holidays and some really great memories. So while I try to stay current now that things are fixed I may also be adding photos or stories that were missed. It may be a little confusing, but hey, someday I am just going to be glad that it all got recorded.