Sunday, April 30, 2017


It was something of a rough start to our vacation to visit Steve and Em in Alabama.  The stop and go traffic on the freeway in Chattanooga, Tennessee bested us.  We rear-ended a car, who then rear-ended the next car that had managed to not rear-end the car that had randomly slowed way down, but sped up and missed the whole scene.  The tears in the back seats immediately started to flow.  The kids were so scared.  Luckily, no one was hurt in any of the cars.  Just a few seat belt burns (which just minutes before the accident we had begged Pratt to put back on) and a few sore necks.  
 We leaned that Chattanooga is incredibly efficient with these accidents, and so kind!
 The people in the other cars we hit were also so sweet!  While we all waited for rides and help at a local Cracker Barrel they even played checkers with our kids and held them on their laps.  For something that was so upsetting, they made lemonade out of the situation for us all.

 In the end we had to say good-bye to our Inferno Red Chrystler Town and Country.  We cleaned in out in a junk yard and loaded up our belongings into Uncle Steve's van, who had driven hours to come to our rescue.
 While we weren't perusing Craig's list and local dealers to buy a van to get back home, we visited parks, ate way to much good food (Steve and Em are foodies that have a habit of showing us just how much we have to learn in the kitchen), hiked, explored, died Easter eggs, and just enjoyed Alabama warm weather, and the day to day living of our Southern family.

And it just so happens that Steve and Em had an extra van that they basically let us steal from them!  Months earlier they had purchased an new van, and had yet to sell their old one.  After driving it around all week, and having Steve basically detail it, we drove it home.  One of these days we might be able to tell them just how grateful we are to them for all they have done for us!
 Oh yeah, and we got to get brand new car seats!

This was one of those weeks that we walked away wondering why we are so blessed!

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