Monday, August 23, 2010

big girl bed

Several weeks ago Chad and I were talking about the future, as we often do. I reminded him of my friend whose husband just finished his residency in Ophthalmology. When they finished they had four kids and lived in a two bedroom apartment. Recognizing that our circumstances are unique and allow us to live in our great town house for a fraction of what most people pay we decided we would need to prepare for that type of eventuality. We decided that eventually we we were going to have to invest in bunk beds. This was a for the future, but my very skilled Craigslist hunter took it as more of a challenge. Two or three weeks later he found his smokin' deal, and we loaded up the van with the parts and pieces of our new bunk bed, and tied a couple of ma tresses to the roof. The timing also seemed convenient because it was just before Chad's brothers family and Dad would be staying at our house. It gave us two extra places for them to sleep. We decided to put Aimee and Porter in the same room for the weekend so that Dad would have a little privacy. As it turns out it has become a very permanent situation. Aimee and Porter love sharing a room! When Chad started rotations it completely changed the morning dynamic in our home. We had a great routine before and it was difficult for the kids to adjust to not seeing him in the morning before he left. This made everything better. Instead of waking up to two very sad little people every morning, I wake up to them laughing and playing with each other. Who knows maybe in seven years or so when Chad is done with residency we will have four or five cute little kiddos in one room, giggling and squealing with each other when I would rather that they were sleeping.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

more tidbits

Where to begin? I am definitely behind on the happenings in the Williams house hold. First of all holy cow it has been hot! With heat indexes topping 115 degrees we have needed to find ways to enjoy outside and not have a heat stroke. The hard part is that so many of the kids friends have been out of town. While the pool hasn't been the party Aimee normally loves, she won't pass up an opportunity to get wet. I admit that I love that my babies love to play outside and be active, and Aimee's polka-dot, ruffle bum swimmy suit makes it even better. Plus, Aimee and Porter have spent the last month being each others best friend, and it has been so sweet to watch as a mom! I did manage to catch a funny video of Aimee leaving buddy mode and switching into her big sister mode. By this I mean she is my big helper, but also the one who calls the shots with the younger crowd.

Finally, I had to include a picture of Aimee's most recent shiner. This one happened while she was playing chase with Chad around the kitchen table. She turned to see how close he was getting and ran right into the corner of one of the chairs. I think she has a gift for black eyes. An older gentleman in Wal-mart asked me that same day if I was beating my kids. Between her hemangioma and eye she did look a little rough, but it didn't keep me from being T.O.ed at the guy for accusing me of something so awful.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Last weekend we had the special treat of having family out to stay. While we lucked into the visit due to location more than anything we were so glad to get the chance to spend some time together. Chad's brother Steve and his family are moving to Atlanta, Ga. We just happened to be the half way point. After a long day of travel, we became Hotel Williams. Aimee was sooo excited to see her cousins, and even more excited to see Grandpa Williams who was sweet enough to once again make a cross country trip to help one of his kids move. Aimee got to get out of bed the night Grandpa arrived to have him read her some books and share some Watermelon! Saturday morning we drove to Nauvoo. It was just under six hours with gas stops. We were lucky enough to get a room at a great place and then spend the afternoon seeing some of the more kid friendly sights. It probably would have been a lot more fun for everyone if Chad and I had had the foresightt to turn off the movie in the car so Aimee would have taken a nap. A tired Aimee had a run-in with an ox horn giving her a goose egg, and fell off her chair at dinner onto a hard floor and secured a big bruise on her cheek. Sadly, she was not up for all of the great activities at the Nauvoo pageant that night, and stayed at the hotel while Emily and I went. Sunday we went to church, walked down Parley street, and got prairie pearls at the blacksmith shop. It was a fast trip, but so great to be with family!

Below is Chad and Aimee making rope at the Family Living center, and then there is the video that the missionaries took (it was supposed to be a photo) right before Aimee got knocked in the head.