Wednesday, March 5, 2014

turning 30

Disclaimer:  I have been trying for weeks to upload pictures for blog post, but for some reason it won't work.  Now the computer with the pictures is out of commission.  I will have to just add pictures later, and just put up the post.

I know that for many, entering a new decade of their life is difficult.  I have seen family members and friends struggle with this.  I for one, am not one of those women who is sensitive about age, and have never really understood that mind set.

In October I turned 30, and I loved it!  One of my best friends, Melanie Jacobsen, and her two cute kiddos flew out from Utah to ring it in with me.  The truth is, she was just coming to visit, but I got lucky and it happened during my birthday!  I probably bored her to tears, since we aren't big go-ers, but for me it was awesome.  We did hit up the Children's Museum that day (which I learned was huge) and Chad went all out making me his mission Mexican Special for dinner.  He even had the kids help put up birthday banners and balloons (that is pretty impressive for my boy).  A not so quiet dinner at home, with my family and friends was perfect!  The following evening  Melanie and I went out to dinner.  For dessert, she found the "best place in Dayton" for doughnuts (which I have since learned is true).  When we lived in Omaha there was this weird little doughnut shop that opened from 10 at night until 10 in the morning.  We would hit it up late, just as it opened, for a favorite treat on our birthdays. Bill's Donuts was a perfect cross over!  Truthfully, it was my best birthday ever!

On a more sentimental note, birthdays have a way of bringing the past and the future together.  Especially big birthdays.  I spent some time thinking about how amazing my life has been.  I've spent most of the last decade of my life with the person that makes everything in my life better just by being a part of it.  Even the hard things we have worked through together were okay, because we did it together.  We've lived far away from our families, and while we miss them so much, we have The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that makes our life full of peace and purpose. And, we have met amazing friends along the way.  Some of our happiest times are the ones we spent living as "broke, students," although we have never felt that way, and have marveled at the blessings that have made us rich beyond our imaginations.  We have four beautiful babies, that make life exciting and interesting.  I especially love the way that looking at the world from their point of view makes everything so much more fun and happy!  On this birthday, it is hard for me to imagine that life can get any better.  But, I felt that way for so many birthdays, that I am excited to see what is to come in the next 10 years.  Happy 30th to me!