Sunday, November 17, 2013

young's dairy 2013

This year we looked forward to our new found tradition of visiting Young's Dairy.  Knowing what to expect and how to plan made it even more enjoyable than the previous year.  We got there early, so that we could eat lunch and get the most out of the day before babies got tired or grouchy.  One of Chad's fellow ortho residents was there with his blond little toddler.  His wife had to work, and he was flying solo.  I think he watched Chad and I as we portioned out plates from a large "community plate" dished at the buffet line, took turns making several return trips for more food, napkins or drinks, and rolled sleeves, and wiped hands and mouths, he thought we were nuts.  We recognize that according to the standards of some, our family of six, with four kids five and under, is crazy.  We love it!

This year we tried our hands at mini golf.  We quickly learned a few things.  First, I was awesome, and Chad struggled.  Second, our kids are still too little to worry about trying to follow rules or keep score.  Third, it takes a long time for kiddos determined to get the ball in the hole themselves.

We also spent quite a bit of time in the Kids Corner.  Here they have a great bounce house, slides, tunnels, a corn box (like a sand box but with corn), and a small climbing wall.

Taking a short hay rack ride works out by merging our old tradition of Vala's Pumpkin Patch with our new one here at Young's Dairy.
We searched and searched to find just the right pumpkin.  Maybe it was a tad mean, but it was fun to watch Pratt pull our pumpkin wagon on the muddy, bumpy trail, around other pumpkins and over vines.  When we found our winner, Aimee did the honors of clipping the stem.  Porter helped me scout out our pumpkin.
It took us a few attempts to get a turn on the barrel train ride.  There was a bit of stormy weather, and for some crazy reason they didn't run it when it was raining!  
When we decided we'd had our fill, we hit up the picnic one last time to get some of the left over Young's Dairy ice cream to take home.  That was not the best decision for our health, but I just have such a hard time turning up free!  Either way, it was a great end to a fun family day!

biker girl

Chad put off teaching Aimee to ride a bike for a long time.  He was afraid of the scraped knees, and bloody elbows that inevitably follow.  Not because of the blood, but because of whose blood.  When I was a kid I remember my dad running up and down the road a few times with me until I figured out the balance, helping me turn a couple of times, and then cheering me on as I braved it alone.  Chad had a really hard time with the cheering part, and to be honest, so did Aimee.  She was ready to quit when she had had just one solo stretch where Chad never left her side.  I walked up and down the sidewalk with the boys and may

Sunday, November 3, 2013

ward camp-out

We aren't hard core campers.  We have become big fans of our back yard camp outs that have a readily available bathroom where hands can be washed and flies don't live.  That works for us.  But, we also enjoy our occasional "roughing it" trips.  With May still so little, I didn't think it was time for she and I to join the rest of the Williams crew overnight.  Especially since it was forecast to be the coldest night of the season.  We did go up the evening before.  Chad got the tent set up on the nice even grass field (that is how most people "rough it" here in this mountainless area).  We ate a picnic dinner, roasted marshmallows, and even tried a few new campfire treats.  When I left that night for home, my babies were in seventh heaven playing with sticks and primary friends and having the attention of their daddy at their full disposal.

When I arrived the next morning I hated getting out of the car.  It was cold!  I went strait to the fire and stayed there for a couple of hours.  My campers, however, weren't even phased.  They ate up every minute.  When I did finally pull myself away from the fire, May and I found our campers fishing.  Turns out they did more croaker catching.  Chad loves to fish, but when his fan club got more excited about mud and frogs, so did he. 

We rounded out the afternoon, with hot dogs, field games and clean up.  When we finally made it home, and all evidence of the event was cleaned up, I was glad it would be a good while before we rough it again.  Even with a ring around the tub, it was time well spent, and memories worth making.